L & L Homes is inspired by David Chidwick. David is A multi award winning developer and interior design specialist. His string of developments have led him to win 5 heritage awards. The What House Award for best design, RIBA small house award, but to name a few. 

L & L Homes pride themselves on delivering individually designed developments to a niche market across the South of England.

Have you received a letter from us or want to know how the process works? 

Here at L & L Homes our team of land experts may have highlighted the potential for further development of your land.

An Informal Meeting

Whether you decide to seek planning on your land or not, a discreet and informal chat with no obligation may illustrate benefits you had not realised.

One of the Directors can easily come over at a convenient time for you. Questions can be answered and the process of moving forward talked through to give you an idea of what to expect, examples of our local developments and references if required.

A Clear Plan and Offer

Having met, you may want to find out more about the possibility of engaging L & L Homes to obtain planning permission on your land.

You can be provided with a detailed offer and clear planning strategy without any obligation. You will not be put under any pressure and L & L are happy to talk as often as you feel you need to.

An agreement that suits you will be developed from initial discussions to reflect the process and approach you favour.

If You Decide to Go Ahead

L & L Homes will happily cover your reasonable legal fees in agreeing the type of contract that best suits your circumstances. There is no cost for you in this process along with the planning.

A Director is always available to support you at any stage. Your involvement is always welcomed and if you are busy you will benefit from a written or verbal report on each stage of the activity.